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Meet Amanda

(The Therapist)

Amanda is a board certified Physical Therapist who graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors and a doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Franklin Pierce University in 2012. Prior to graduate school, she graduated with cum laude honors and earned a Bachelors’ of Science degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Kinesiology (the study of movement) at Longwood University in 2008. After earning her doctoral degree, Amanda felt her education had just begun. She discovered early on how truly complicated the human body is, and so, began her journey in taking numerous continuing education courses to learn more. The realization sunk in that outpatient therapists had to have an extensive knowledge of every joint, muscle, nerve innervation & how they functioned mechanically in order to truly help patients. This may seem obvious, but have you ever met a doctor that specializes in every body part? That doctor does not exist. This is because the human body is complicated with each joint & muscle having its own distinct special design that must function in sync to produce normal movement patterns. When one area of the body breaks down, this will create a dysfunctional movement pattern or abnormal posturing that may be present long before the pain manifests.

Meet Amanda

This is when a therapist is warranted to identify what abnormal postures/movement patterns are present and through education, hands on therapy, stretches, and therapeutic exercises, help to restore the person’s normal movement patterns and posture back to its natural state. Once Amanda felt she had fully understood the exercise component of PT, she wanted to pursue more manual therapy techniques that could really help with her patients’ pain. She enlisted in Myopain Seminars to pursue a certification in Trigger Point Dry Needling. After completing all three courses and taking both an oral & written exam, she became a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT). The patients & referrals quickly came pouring in, and Amanda felt the results were truly amazing. What sometimes took weeks to achieve with regular manual therapy techniques, took days with Trigger Point Dry Needling (see more below). After seeing the results, Amanda knew that one day she would open a clinic that specialized in this technique. She continues to research the latest breakthroughs in Physical Therapy, and has devoted her life to the study of movement and has a passion for helping individuals get rid of the pain and get back to their normal lives.

Grace -  front office clinical coordinator

Meet Grace

Front Office Clinical Coordinator

Grace, our front office clinical coordinator, resides in Midlothian.  She is a certified coding and billing specialist and really does allow our clinic to run smoothly!  Whether she is helping with scheduling your appointments or answering questions regarding what we can offer you in regards to your health journey, Grace will be the friendly voice on the other end of the line eager to assist you.  Her ultimate goal is to make a difference wherever she goes by helping and serving others (right on Grace)!

We go beyond your symptoms to treat the cause. Musculoskeletal injuries occur because of abnormal stress on a normal tissue or because of normal stress on an abnormal tissue. Because we are allotted one-on-one time with you each visit, we can get to the root of your problem fast and get you back to doing what you love.
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Meet Amanda

(The Person)

Amanda grew up in a small Virginia town named Clarksville that prided itself on hospitality and community. Although she’s lived in various cities across the United States, she still considers herself a small town girl and likes to have a personable relationship with her patients. She resides in Midlothian Virginia with her husband Chris and two small children, Caleb and Austyn. On her own time, she enjoys family gatherings, exercising, getting together with her friends for bunco nights & spending time with her church family.

Why Prosper

Amanda decided to launch Prosper PT for a variety of reasons. Her employment in several outpatient settings has been invaluable, and she will forever be grateful for those experiences. However, she began to feel the strain that every healthcare professional feels and that is to try and provide quality care in a limited amount of time. With insurance reimbursements becoming lower and lower, most outpatient clinics had to increase the amount of patients they were seeing in order to stay in business. Unfortunately, this led to Amanda seeing the patient for a very short amount of time before passing them on to an assistant or an aide to complete their care without delivering what she felt was true quality care that each patient deserves.

One evening after seeing an extraordinary amount of patients earlier that day, she sat down and realized that her initial reasoning for becoming a PT was to help people, but the reality of the situation was that she would never be given the ability to do so according to her standards of care with the pressures present in running an insurance based business. It was the final confirmation she needed to take the next step in creating her own business strategy that focused on getting back to the basics of treating the person as a person and not a number. Moreover, In order to deliver top notch care, she had to take the third party payer out of the mix, and thus created a cash-based service, Prosper Physical Therapy.

Concierge Care

After making the difficult decision to be out of network with insurance providers, Amanda wanted to set the bar high and offer a concierge service in which she comes to the patient.  There are several reasons this was a priority.  As a working mom with two children under the age of 3, she realizes how difficult it can be to actually get out of the front door to receive treatment.  In addition, many people that were her patients in an outpatient setting were not comfortable with the open floor concept and wanted privacy.  Lastly, concierge therapy offers the patient an opportunity to be observed in their natural environment, and she can offer education that may benefit the patient, including ergonomics set up (looking at a patients’ posture while at their desk) and sleep positioning/pillow type.

Amanda’s Education

Doctorate of Physical Therapy – Franklin Pierce University in 2012 (Magna Cum Laude Honors)

Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Exercise Science – Longwood University 2008

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