All the Travel Tips!

It’s almost SUMMER TIME! Which means vacations are at a peak. My best travel tips in order to avoid back/neck/hip discomfort are:

  1. Use a lumbar support! Posture begins in the low back, your neck and shoulders will follow if your lower back is rounded.  Amazon has some great options (I prefer the lumbar roll that can slide over your seat).
  2. Take breaks if traveling by car: For every 2 hours of driving, take a 15 minute rest stop (get out, walk, stretch, MOVE your spine)!
  3. For plane trips check out the “turtle travel pillow” for your neck, especially if you have a spouse like mine that prefers to lean on you, and you just need a break! 😊
  4. Try To avoid crossing your legs (ladies, this one is HARD)! It leads to unequal weight distribution, and often glute and outer hip pain from too much compression on one side.
  5. Stay active on your trip (your body LOVES motion, incorporate a fun activity that involves movement daily).

Have a wonderful Summer!