Endometriosis can seem like a perplexing and frustrating diagnosis for women to receive.  In fact, any search for endometriosis on google will show minimal treatment options available that mostly include surgery and medications.  Well, I’m here to tell you there is another option that has worked permanent solutions for my patients! It’s called myofascial release, dry needling and retraining the very deep core and hip muscles (yes hip muscles) to begin stabilizing your pelvis which in turn balances out the body.

The treatments have turned out to be nothing short of amazing.  For each woman experiencing intense menstrual pain, heavy bleeding and cramping, I have found that they usually have massive amounts of disorganized tissue deep into their abdomens. My goal during treatment is to release the tissue, and then retrain the core and pelvic muscles to realign the pelvis so that the organs are not being unequally compressed upon during every day activities like walking/sitting, etc. 

Not only have women walked away feeling like a new person after treatment, their bodies begin to function normal on their own without needing constant dry needling to relieve the pain.  They can begin to live again! 

Unfortunately, surgeries do NOT fix the problem.  Rather, surgeries create more barriers to progress as they can cause an increase in scar tissue build up, which in turn leads to more disorganized tissue.

I have my own theories of what creates this abnormal disorganized tissue build up, but the important piece of the puzzle is that it is fixable, and not just manageable.

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