Are you among the 85% of Americans who has already suffered from some form of Low back pain in your life?  I know that I have, and the pain was debilitating, excruciating, and downright terrifying…and this statement is coming from someone who knew exactly what had happened, what tissues were impacted and how to treat the condition. However, the statement rings true, you really do not know what someone is going through until you have walked in their shoes.   At the time, I knew I had a slipped disc, more than likely a result from playing with my 30Ib, 12 month old daughter, aka my “chunker-muffin.”  The pain literally brought me to my knees as I was bending over to open the freezer door on my fridge.  I felt paralyzed, and fortunately my husband helped me off of the ground.  After some self-assessment, I found out it was my disc, but I also experienced the bodies reaction that occurs as a protective mechanism, with the addition of muscle spasms, inflammation and clenching of muscles around the injury site. It was my worse fear. I had treated a plethora of patients with this back pain, but I had never felt their pain..until now.

I am so thankful I experienced this pain.  The patients I receive now from this experience, I treat differently.  I have more respect for their pain and questions because of my experience. This was 8 months ago, and I have seen numerous disc pain patients since this date.  I truly believe in divine intervention as a believer, and I felt as if God’s hand was pointing me in a direction that I truly felt I could not accept.  My fears were surrounded by the fact that SO many people out there claim to treat low back pain, so why would people want to seek my help?  The answer came as a patient contacted me after one of the “back pain specialist” had performed an adjustment on their back that left them in more pain than before and they were in desperate need of help.  Once again, God was leading me down this road because people needed me.  Another patient had contacted me the same week that had been to an orthopaedist with imaging performed that did not show anything that was wrong. So, here I was at a crossroads.  Do I continue treating everything, or do I focus on what I love to treat because I know first hand the difference it can make in someone’s life?  I have officially made the decision to specialize in the treatment of low back pain! This announcement took a long time to make because of fear, but now I feel liberated because it is my passion and what I truly love to treat. 

As someone who has suffered from sacroiliac joint dysfunction and a disc displacement, I know back and pelvic pain, and I am here to show you the road to recovery.  No matter how long you have had pain (my most accomplished patient had back pain for 20+ years and is now free with numerous physical therapists helping them), I am here to help you! So please spread the word to anyone you know who is suffering because I promise they can get better.